December 18, 2007 at 04:05 4 comments

I have a generous grandma
Shower me with her love since I was a little girl 
She is 84 years old now
White hair, wrinkle skin …
But she still shown her spirit
She likes to have an early in the morning shower
Never felt cold even in a cool places
Or in the bed room with 18° air conditioning 

She hates if people treat her like old woman.
Dun like if someone hold her hand while walking
Even tough we just want to protect her from falling down. 

She has a good habit …
I just realize it last nite  J
She read a bible everyday …
Every time she has time
Mostly before she went sleep 

I want to copy that idea …
Read bible everyday, every nite
But not that simple for me  L
Easily to fall asleep every time my head touched the pillow

Last nite I asked her : Mak,
-that’s the way I call her, and the same way now my son called my mom-
Do you read the bible? Or just hold it?

She replied:
Of course I read this!
Not for showing people that I handed a bible only!!
I smile to her and ask again:
Do you wanna read a bigger bible?
-since the bible in her hand is soooo small-
Isn’t the letters just too small for you to be read?

And she replied:
No, thanks … this is enough for me

You know what?
Every time I couldn’t read this small letters …
I just close my eyes and pray
And when I open my eyes
The letter just showed very big in my scene …


God, I wish I could be like my Mak’
Save my time to read your wordsOnce a day ….
God, please teach me to arrange my time
Better and better everyday
So that I could spare one minute of 24 hours given by YOU
To talk and share with YOU
God, please teach me
Not too busy with nothing like nowadays …
And make YOU smile everyday …

Love you Mak … 🙂

Bless me God,

so one day

i could pay for one Israel Tour

for my lovely Mak …  🙂



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Plan oh Plan Huaaaaahmm …

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  • 1. anungnymous  |  December 18, 2007 at 05:58

    This story is so beautiful 🙂

    wish grandma the best 😉

  • 2. nattever  |  December 18, 2007 at 06:28

    jd terenyuh…
    gue juga selama ini gak pernah baca alkitab loh kalo mo bobo…renungan harian dah gak pernah lagi skarang..
    duh maafkan aku Tuhan..

    all the best for ur grandma Feb!

  • 3. luvly7  |  December 18, 2007 at 07:23

    @Anung & Nat: Thank you … wish i could make her happier than now … 🙂

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